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Ophelia Benson dodges bullets just like the scene from ‘The Matrix” and continues to derail.

EllenBeth Wachs comes to the party to defend Ophelia by further derailing the conversation.

Ophelia and EllenBeth attempt to outflank Harriet Hall by throwing simultaneous curve balls into the conversation.

This tactic is often adopted by the Republicans.

Are Ophelia and EllenBeth fans of Mitt Romney? Just askin’.

Two names have been omitted from the conversation in the interest of privacy.

Ophelia Benson has since name dropped these two participants in a comment she published. The excuse for the name drops? Well, they were accused of derailing the conversation.

I’ve edited these names out of the image for the sake of privacy for the three two participants who may not be aware their names were made public thanks to Ophelia.