@ool0n’s block list. Check to see if you’re listed here. You may soon be suspended by Twitter.

Posted: February 21, 2013 in The highs and lows of pseudo-skepticism

Oolon has passed on the reins of his creation to a group he aligns himself with known as AtheismPlus.

Further changes have been made to the format of the block list. Oolon has now categorized the inductees into three groups.

Choose your level

I’ve since renamed the 3 levels to something i find to be more suitable from an outsiders’ point of view.¬† Click below to see the current list.

@oolon’s piss weak attempt at making new friends with the snowflake community by implementing a block list which has in essence adopted Athenian law under whom small offences had heavy punishments (draconian)
It seems the slightest dissent is met with an initiation to the now well publicized block list.
Several new Twitter users have experienced account suspensions for,…….wait for it,………. guilt by association.
The reason for the account suspension seems to relate largely due to mass blocking of the ‘offending’ twitter account by several unknown twitter users, who have used the ‘block list’ as a tool/reference to send mass spam block complaints to twitter.
The list shown here is updated daily. (click on image) Do check in from time to time to see if you are in fact added to the ever growing list of heroes speaking out about the piss weak, gutless move by a sycophantic moron who has nothing to gain by doing this in the first place.

WARNING TO ALL. If you register on ool0n’s website for access to his ‘blocklist’, and log in to view it using your twitter account, that account will be added to the list as well. DO NOT use your regular Twitter account to view the block list. Click here to view the list without the need to register at ool0n’s blog.

  1. d4m10n says:

    It is interesting to note that the custodians of the list take you off the list if you get suspended, and then put you back on the list if Twitter lifts your suspension. See @16bitheretic and @JimThePleb for recent examples.

  2. It’s a script. The bot searches for the unique numerical Twitter identifiers which have been manually input to the bot list by either @ool0n, @Hyperdeath128k, @aratina or any other authorized sycophant. Each Twitter user has it’s own specific numerical ID. This will not change, even if you change your “@[name]”, which i did several times to exploit a backdoor in the early days.
    If the user ID is no longer on the network due to suspension, the bot removes the listing. Once the user is reinstated, the bot will see the user ID and place it back on the list.
    This is done so every few hours. Each user ID will remain on the ‘bot block list’ unless removed manually by one of the approved nutwads who have signed up to the project.

  3. franc hoggle says:

    Of all the obsequious, needy, desperate to be loved losers out there, oooooolon stands head and shoulders above the rest. There has to be a story in there somewhere that a shrink could retire on. What was it – mom refused breast feeding after age 5? Being told big boys have to learn to wipe their own asses? His favourite blankey got given away to the Red Cross? He always reminds me of Chester with his backflips to please –

  4. Seems i made the “cut” lol. Is twitter aware of this & what (if anything) do they intend to do?

    • The “bot” itself does not report the inductees as spam, therefore no complaints are received by Twitter (from the bot itself), unless the account controlling @the_block_bot (@ool0n and @aratina) decides to do it out of spite.
      There is one catch though. Any snowflake who is privy to the list can search your twitter handle and report as spam, as shown here.
      I searched for ool0n’s twitter profile and i have the option to report him without following him.

      If the snowflakes exercise this option, and you then choose to @ them in the future, twitter will deem your communication with the @[snowflake] as unsolicited spam and proceed to suspend your account.
      The problem is, you don’t know which snowflake has reported you unless, prior to @ing them, you check their profile page to see if you’ve been blocked by them by clicking the “follow” button. The following message will appear if you’ve been blocked:
      “You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.”
      If this message pops up, i’d suggest using the “#” symbol instead of “@”.
      Don’t worry, the snowflakes do vanity searches daily for any mention of their names on social websites. (twitter included)

      ool0n’s code is not malicious, but it’s intent is. This is why i have a problem with it.

      • oolon says:

        Cool! I can write code that while not being inherently malicious somehow manages to have malicious intent. To think all those silly “FfTB’ers” say intent is not magic. The fools should talk to Steve and borrow his PHP hermeneuticon… Maybe that’s it, AI can have magic intent, rise of the block bots!

        BTW kudos for doing the dojo list properly… It looks a lot better that way.

      • Thanx for the heads-up on this, i’ll try & remember to check 1st if i ever (& i rarely do) feel the need to personally pull any of them up on some of the rubbish they write as i long ago gave up directly reading anything from FtB unless directed there by a friend or comment.

        • I haven’t updated the list for a while but i will do in the next few hours. Remember, if you log in to oolon’s official block bot to see the list, you will automatically end up blocking those you don’t follow. If you check my list you won’t suffer the same fate.

  5. Would you not agree with my statement, that your project, although not designed to aid in the suspension of twitter accounts, does encourage it’s subscribers to falsely block (and spam report) Twitter users they would otherwise not know exist?
    Not all the snowflakes are familiar with the entire list unless they subscribe to your project, thus giving them a list of users to share with fellow snowflakes, to search and spamblock.

    BTW, i added Mobile Optimization to the script for better viewing on mobile devices.
    You may want to look into it for your page content.

    Glad i could help.
    (Not an HTML/CSS coding genius)

    • oolon says:

      No it clearly encourages them to sign up and have the bot block for them so there are no false reports of spam… If everyone used the bot there would be no spam blocking when people get a nice tweet like jimtheplebs to Jen which got him suspended. (Thanks for finding that out for me by the way)

      • You might want to find out how Jen learned about Jimthepleb in the first place, seeing as his twitter account was relatively new, and had not made contact with Jen prior. Did Jen block Jim pre-emptively? How did she learn of his existence? Oh right, your block list. Silly me. . . . Or is that a big leap?

      • Are you not concerned that there may be someone out there that really doesn’t like this & decides to attack your online presence in some way, someone who may have superior coding skills?

      • oolon says:

        Jen is not following the bot, did you not notice? I think its rather more likely he was blocked after his interaction with her!

        @theoffensiveatheist, care to be any more specific about what you mean?

  6. You don’t need to subscribe to the bot to take advantage of the block list. You can simply view the list, click on the hyperlinks provided and report users for spam.
    This can be done without the knowledge of the twitter user who then decides to tweet the ‘blocker’ for whatever reason.
    Twitter sees the ‘blockees’ (first) tweet as spam and may decide to suspend that account.
    You’re encouraging, not only your subscribers to block all users on the block list, but also any other tweeter that stumbles upon your page.

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