Dramatic Reading – Episode 5: Invasion of the Photo Snatchers guest starring Ophelia Benson

Posted: February 8, 2013 in The highs and lows of pseudo-skepticism
  1. Did you see how pissed at me she got for… um, I don’t remember now.

  2. Her logic is non existent.
    Check out her complaint about two parodies tweeting to each other. She calls this harassment.

    • Yes, her grasp of “harassment” seems as loose as her grasp of “misogyny” and who knows how many other terms? I find it immensely dishonest for people like her to use such words with such flagrant disregard when there are plenty of actual cases of each whose weight is diminished through her disregard.

    • I thought the first one was the funniest. I love how she takes •everything• personally. Especially for one who has herself dropped the Nazi.

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