Harriet Hall has words with Ophelia Benson and EllenBeth Wachs

Posted: January 30, 2013 in The highs and lows of pseudo-skepticism
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Ophelia Benson dodges bullets just like the scene from ‘The Matrix” and continues to derail.

EllenBeth Wachs comes to the party to defend Ophelia by further derailing the conversation.

Ophelia and EllenBeth attempt to outflank Harriet Hall by throwing simultaneous curve balls into the conversation.

This tactic is often adopted by the Republicans.

Are Ophelia and EllenBeth fans of Mitt Romney? Just askin’.

Two names have been omitted from the conversation in the interest of privacy.

Ophelia Benson has since name dropped these two participants in a comment she published. The excuse for the name drops? Well, they were accused of derailing the conversation.

I’ve edited these names out of the image for the sake of privacy for the three two participants who may not be aware their names were made public thanks to Ophelia.

  1. masakari2012 says:

    Wow. Feels good to have more room to type than on twitter!

    First, there’s this fb comment from Harriet Hall,
    Harriet Hall to Ophelia: Why is it acceptable for you to dismiss the perceptions of other women as lies, when you won’t let anyone “on the other side” do so?

    Now here’s a twitter conversation from weeks ago:
    Sara Mayhew on twitter: More and more women are avoiding conferences because of female bullies and sister-punisher witch hunts that result in high school shunning.
    Ophelia Benson: Bullshit.
    Sara Mayhew: People message me and post such comments frequently.
    Ophelia Benson: Interesting. Did you see a lot of female bullies and sister-punisher witch hunts at Eschaton? I certainly didn’t. I saw zero. So you could tell these people who message you to relax, all is well.
    http://tinyurl.com/hypophie [edit-fixed link]

    So it’s okay for Ophelia Benson or the radfems of FTB to deny the experiences of other women, but when people deny FTB’s et al experiences, then they are sexist, misogynists, who don’t care about the feelings of women.

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