AtheismPlus. Periodic Table of Swearing.

Posted: January 17, 2013 in The highs and lows of pseudo-skepticism

Atheism Plus prides itself in providing a ‘safe space’ concealed far far away from insults, gendered slurs, ableism, the privileged and normal folk.

Let’s have a look at some of the regular posters on the super safe forum.

I’d like to introduce you to a vile little piglet that assumes the identity The_Laughing_Coyote.

“Unless you’re just referring to this forum, in which case fuck off. THIS is OUR space.”

“I don’t give a single dry fuck about your ‘dissenting opinion’.”

“I invite you to go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.”

“And while you’re at it, please stop jacking off to women in porn. Fuck you.”

“And you quoted REVELATIONS to talk about how peaceful your religion is? Go fuck yourself.”

“Jesus fuck. Calm down. And following that go fuck yourself.”

“Fuck you. Fuck you so hard you dirty condescending asshole.”


“So what in the name of fuck are you trying to argue, you derailing fuckhead?”

“Fuck your passive-aggressiveness, you shitpickle. You make me sick.”

“I say he can fuck right off back to where he came from.” (To another planet?)

“I say you’re full of shit, Wicknight, and you can take your tone policing and your self-righteous stance and fuck right off out of here.”

“Go fuck yourself you smug, smarmy, stupid asshole.”

“Fuck you, fuck your outdated patriarchal views on marriage, and FUCK your claims that you’re ‘not a misogynist’ with a bloody chainsaw. You’re revolting.”

A non-apology? “You know what, if i truly did offend you or marginalize you, then i TRULY AM SORRY, and i TRULY DID fuck up, if that is indeed the case. But fuck you very much at the same time for playing politics with someone’s sincere words.”

“READ WHAT PEOPLE ARE FUCKING SAYING TO YOU. You aren’t fucking wanted here. You are UNWELCOME. If you were a decent person, you’d take the hint and fuck off.”

“I’m not buying it. Period. Fuck off.”

“Why don’t you just fuck off you tiresome dipshit?”

“I will not stand here while this privileged human fucking URINAL tells me that the value of my life is just a pathetic emotional appeal. I WILL NOT. You fucking hear me mods? I will not stand for this. I will not be civil either. John M is …”

…and you get the gist of it.

The_Cussing_Coyote is a seasoned member at the Atheism Plus forum with up around 760 posts.

By reading his trashy self indulgent posts i counted not less than 135 posts directly insulting other members, in most cases because of either a simple disagreement or as a response to tone-policing.

I am amazed by the frequency this shit slinger spits out his verbal creativity. It works out to an average of one insult per day.

Try this in meat space Coyote and you may end up with a bloody nose almost every time.

So, is Atheism Plus a safe space? Fucken oath it is.

Atheism Plus is gifted with a speck of cyberspace which is far removed from what most of us know as the real world.

Several more cyber muppets also fall into the category of “Twinkie eating armchair activism ” laced with violent and sexual expletives whilst claiming to take offense to tone policing. This sort of behaviour is not only condoned by the moderation team at “Camp Snowflake”, but practiced also.

I am delighted to introduce you to a long time player of the 13th Reich of mod-policing,

Please welcome, ischemgeek.

“ERM, no. You can’t willpower your way past bronchospasm. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, you ableist fuckwit.”

One must ask what these bundles of joy are so angry about. The good news is we’ve been granted a gift from the gods as it were, for providing us a space to marginalize the potty mouths and keep them nicely and tightly segregated from the rest of the internets.

Hooray for Atheism+ Hip Hip!

  1. jimthepleb says:

    LC is a class A cunt.

  2. Jay says:

    A lot of those “fucks” are truly rapey-fucks, which is *shocking* when coming from a social justice warrior.

  3. chasstewart says:

    I helped alleviate some of my asthma symptoms by being more active. I guess that’s still ableism.

  4. The Devil's Towelboy says:

    Should see Project Prune Grep –

  5. jimthepleb says:

    such charm, such wit, so clever……such cnuts!

  6. rocko2466 says:

    Hi. I read this and enjoyed it.

  7. You’re welcome Rocko. Can you imagine this done as a dramatic reading? Explicit content Rated F.

  8. vickycaramel says:

    Is there an actual definition of ‘tone policing’ or is it a applied to anything they don’t want to hear?

    • You just answered you own question perfectly.

    • Imogen says:

      Tone policing is supposed to mean not telling people to “tone it down” when theyre angry about something or swearing. But now what it means is “don’t tell people to stop attacking you if they’re being excessively abusive, because ‘anger’ is an excuse to abuse and bully people.”

      Like that picture of PZ Myers at his stupid Pharyngula primary school, with a little boy coming up to him complaining of being bullied… the picture depicts PZ Myers telling the boy to fuck off because he’s a tone trolling asshole, and with how they use the term “tone policing,” they could CERTAINLY use it to defend bullies on the playground.

  9. Glad I never bothered with A+. Isn’t it moderated?

  10. Of course it’s moderated. Moderators use gendered/ablest slurs. Regular folk have dissenting comments moderated/deleted for the slightest infraction, or none at all.
    It’s definitely NOT a safe space for anyone except the mods and their ilk.

  11. oolon says:

    LOL, well done you start with this… “Atheism Plus prides itself in providing a ‘safe space’ concealed far far away from insults”…. Then proceed to disprove your own premise as if that was some sort of revelation 🙂

    How about starting with any evidence that the A+ forum claims you will be free from insults there?

    • Well let’s look at part of the forum rules.

      Forum Rules

      Postby Siliddar » Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:19 pm

      Posting Rules

      Don’t Be an Ass: Wheaton’s Law is in full effect. Some specifics:

      • No tone policing or emotional invalidation: Outside of the Information and Answers subforum we don’t moderate for tone. Don’t dismiss other people’s arguments as not conforming to your standards of civility. Don’t accuse people of being over-sensitive, or assume that an emotional reaction is the same thing as an irrational reaction. People have a right to be angry and upset if you say insensitive or harmful things. However…
      • No gratuitous nastiness: Don’t be nasty as an end in itself. Making your feelings known is fine, but if something serves no purpose other than to hurt, humiliate or ridicule another person, then don’t say it. Unacceptable conduct includes (but is not limited to) wishing harm, suggesting self-harm, wishing personal failure or unhappiness, assigning mocking nicknames, armchair psychiatry, hate speech (see below) and playing up to weaknesses or insecurities.
      • Don’t pursue grudges: Arguing with someone is fine, but making unpleasant comments whenever you encounter them is not. This includes (but is not limited to) snide remarks, and dredging up past disputes which are irrelevant to the conversation.

      And my personal favourite:

      • Hate Speech: Do not use slurs or other forms of Hate Speech. Insults targeting a person’s Race, Nationality, Age, Sex, Gender Identity, Mental Health, Physical ability, etc. are prohibited and will subject you to an immediate ban. If you are targeting a group of people with the word you are using, you are in the wrong. General fucking profanity is fine, “You’re retarded” is not.

      Ableist slurs such as crazy, stupid, idiotic, witless/nitwit/fuckwit/halfwit are still ableist slurs, so how are they overlooked by the Atheism+ mods?

      So, to be called “an ableist fuckwit” would be what exactly?

      HINT: an ableist ableist slur. Makes as much sense as calling someone an ableist retard or ableist moron.

      Quote from above: “General fucking profanity is fine.” 

      I’ll shoot you an example.

      That fuck Jonathan was so fucked up last night he fucked some fucking whore and got fucking gonorrhea. Holy fuck!

      General profanity and direct insults are not the same thing.

      How about the “Fuck you” term used often by the A+ regulars? Could this have a violent sexual connotation? That would depend on the interpretation by the member who it’s directed toward. – Don’t be telling the abusee how to interpret an insult or what or how to think either.

      The A+ forum does a good job of of silencing minor infractions and dissent by memory holing comments followed by a permaban, and then proceed to fling piss and excrement while safely in the confines of the baboon cage.

      It IS a safe space oolon. It’s a safe space for the A+ baboon regulars to freely direct insults and ableist slurs at other commenters who are not considered to be protected by the confines of the “safe space” baboon cage.

  12. oolon says:

    Lot of words when all you needed was …. “General fucking profanity is fine”

    Which proceeds to remove ALL your examples as valid according to the rules of the forum. So you fancy admitting the beginning of your post is a blatant straw man version of the rules?

    “Atheism Plus prides itself in providing a ‘safe space’ concealed far far away from insults…”

    • Check the post title. It’ll give you a clue on the content.
      BTW, Atheism Plus *does* pride itself in providing a safe space for its in-crowd by memory holing insults directed at those inside the monkey cage. This is true. I will call this a double standard. The shit slingee is protected from outside shit slinging. Ta-dah! But this is not the topic of the post.
      You can see examples of the language that seems to be accepted by the moderators, but not so much when it’s directed AT the in-crowd. Funny eh.
      This *might* be a reason for the reduction of participants in the A+ forum. Just maybe.

      • I like how some, like oolon, are so quick to be A+ apologists. As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t care that A+ exists, but I don’t understand why it does.

        Do they actually •do• anything other than talk about how unjust things are? This is a legitimate question. While I’m aware of some groups, like American Atheists, putting up billboards and filing lawsuits, I’m not aware that A+, as a group, has accomplished anything other than congratulating itself. Oh, and banning people. 🙂

        • I like David Silverman’s ‘Times Square’ billboards. Real activism. My privilege allows me to donate to a local charity for the homeless each week when i shop for groceries.

          I honestly believe that the A+ brand was never going to be a group that actually actively fights against things like the separation between church & state or even social justice, whatever that definition means to it’s membership.

          I see a lot of PC policing and references to he/she/xie/it/tit/wit gender politics.
          The one crown achievement from Atheism+ is its overuse of the words patriarchy, privilege, sexism, gender, ableism, classism, misogyny, POC(?), “FUCK OFF” and banned.

          Oh, another achievement is reducing their participating membership from >2500 to just a handful of regulars. I suppose that’s something.

          The top 25 post contributors, which includes 10 moderators/admins make up 52% of the total post count That’s 37,249 posts out of 71645. So here we have the top 1% of the membership contributing to 52% of the board’s content.

          Keyboard Social Justice Warriors by definition, and i’m happy with that, as they do provide some laughs on the odd occasion. 🙂

          • I’ve wondered about their definition of “social justice” as, in both Ophelia Benson’s & oolon’s cases, they’ve been less than socially just towards me. She’s even admitted to it. So is it social justice only applies to some people some of the time?

            Where did you get your data? Pretty eye-opening.

    • Imogen says:

      It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t say that oolon, they act as if they aren’t abusive and they are. They have also acted against people for doing LESS than they do, so apparently they have some “invisible” rules goin’ on that maybe you should check out. Rules THEY dont follow.

      It’s supposed to be a generally safe space, oolon, and do you not get that a place can be unsafe even WITHOUT slurs? Dont act like all they were implying they wouldnt do was use group slurs. Theyve offended people on topics related to social justice, even.

      Take me… I opened up about a race/phenotype-based attack… that’s all I talked about. Nothing about my thoughts, etc. I was met with insensitive victim blaming bullshit about how although its sad I went through that, If I “continue the way I am”, somehow doing things to darker blacks with my “white identifying” (what white identifying???), I will continue to fucking provoke racist attacks.

      That was the most racist shit I’ve ever got to see on there. The ONLY reason she said that is because I said I was of mixed ethnicity with a pretty light phenotype, so omg, I must be those people that pisss her off, those wanna-be-white mixed people. Fuck that bitch.

      That bitch is gonna get her ass beat. In my dreams, perhaps. When I can figure out how to control them.

  13. Anton, log in to the forum to get the board stats at the bottom of the forum index page. The rest is
    searchable on the ‘members’ page.

  14. Imogen says:

    What’s up, Anton? You have me added on your Facebook although I’m sure you can’t recognize me here.

    Was looking for atheismplus or any mentions of PTOS… found laughing coyote AGAIN. Of course he gets some attention as well. God, I hate that guy. I wish he would change already.

    Originally, he was what he described himself as, a “misogynist.” Now he’s just another type of asshole. Same amount of hateful though. He’s a hate-a-holic. He does his best to be as verbally abusive as possible toward others if he says anything they don’t like. I’ve experienced this when we were “friends” too, but he would apologize sometimes and say he felt bad or something so I guess that’s something.

    I wish he would show more of “feeling bad” there though. He’s such a prick.

    • Hey, Imogen. I recognize no one. 🙂 I know the name Laughing Coyote, but not why I do.

      You know, I’ve been truly shocked at the absolute level of vitriol we atheists have been only too delighted to sling at each other over some of the most ridiculously meaningless things. I never saw this in religious communities. Almost makes me wish I could go back.

      • Imogen says:

        Rest assured, it happens in religious communities too. This isn’t an “atheist” thing. It’s an WhateverTheDisagreementIsAbout thing. It’s a radfem vs nonradfem thing. Im sure religious people (I think you have some religious MRAs added or am I getting you confused with someone else?) have commented on FtB too. Just as disagreements happen in the religious communities since it’s not like religion is an entire monolith and the people are clones.

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