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Oolon has passed on the reins of his creation to a group he aligns himself with known as AtheismPlus.

Further changes have been made to the format of the block list. Oolon has now categorized the inductees into three groups.

Choose your level

I’ve since renamed the 3 levels to something i find to be more suitable from an outsiders’ point of view.  Click below to see the current list.

@oolon’s piss weak attempt at making new friends with the snowflake community by implementing a block list which has in essence adopted Athenian law under whom small offences had heavy punishments (draconian)
It seems the slightest dissent is met with an initiation to the now well publicized block list.
Several new Twitter users have experienced account suspensions for,…….wait for it,………. guilt by association.
The reason for the account suspension seems to relate largely due to mass blocking of the ‘offending’ twitter account by several unknown twitter users, who have used the ‘block list’ as a tool/reference to send mass spam block complaints to twitter.
The list shown here is updated daily. (click on image) Do check in from time to time to see if you are in fact added to the ever growing list of heroes speaking out about the piss weak, gutless move by a sycophantic moron who has nothing to gain by doing this in the first place.

WARNING TO ALL. If you register on ool0n’s website for access to his ‘blocklist’, and log in to view it using your twitter account, that account will be added to the list as well. DO NOT use your regular Twitter account to view the block list. Click here to view the list without the need to register at ool0n’s blog.

A truly amazing feat. Ophelia Benson makes it her god given right and duty to conduct vanity searches for any mention of her name in any form of digital conversation.

She goes one step further and scours twitter feeds and monitors satirical accounts for the slightest WTF comments to be offended by.

Two satirical twitter accounts engage in a comedic conversation completely unrelated to any direct reference to the real Ophelia Benson.

I must say the back and forth by the two parody tweeters left me chuckling whilst enjoying my morning coffee.

Ophelia took offense to the content of the conversation and decided this is something that needs to be documented on her blog as some sort of proof of harassment.

Let’s see what was so offensive that needed to be repeated to her sheepish and sycophantic audience.

Ophelia does the community a service and announces the offensive tweets of harassment to the community.

And with no response from her twitter audience she repeats her announcement once more.

Where’s the harassment you’re asking? Here’s what the sarcastic spoofee had to say.

Brave hero JREF Saviour ElevatorGATE storifies an “exchange” between two Twitter accounts that use my real name as their handles. No harassment here folks! Public figure! Freeze peach!

Ophelia Benson is not a name exclusively owned by just one person. Census statistics show that in the United States alone, 17490 entries recorded for the use of “Ophelia” as a first name. “Benson” is not rare, showing 84233 instances recorded.
Vital records show 31 entries for “Ophelia Benson” recorded in the United States.
I feel ya O’Feel’ya, but a person is not identified by name alone. Impersonation is hardly the correct term to describe the parody accounts.
One’s a pope and the other a parody Nazi nincompoop.

TIP: Stop doing vanity searches. Stick to blogging, and if at all possible, try keep it on topic of “free thought”. Just sayin’.

Posted: February 3, 2013 in The highs and lows of pseudo-skepticism

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